Why Raw Cannabis is so good for your Health

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Is it good to eat or juice raw cannabis buds and plant material?

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christalcann on Wednesday Jan 8, 2020


Everyone might not be in the fortunate position to have raw cannabis leaves readily available, but if you are one of those lucky ones, this is why you should include it into your diet. It is not for no reason that it is called an herb. Herbs traditionally are used to flavor food, or to aid with some or another ailment. Seeing that cannabis has quite a strong smell, eating it raw might not sound that appetizing. But looking at the benefits it provides, weed should be included in the list of superfoods, like kale, spinach, broccoli, and alike. The health benefits are extraordinary.

Mostly, when people think of marijuana, they think of the dry herb used for smoking or vaping. They might also think of edibles, or oils, but mostly in its dried form. When you think of eating it raw, you might wonder how it would taste. Admittingly, it has an acquired taste and might take some getting used too. But just think about it, when you started out as a kid, you probably hated most vegetables. Cannabis has so many health benefits that it should be an essential addition to your diet.


Can you eat the whole plant?

When you want to get the absolute maximum of health benefits provided by the plant, you might have to eat around 15 leaves per day. As with all vegetables, it should be cleaned. A good way to do so is by soaking them for about 5 minutes in diluted apple cider vinegar. Apart from the leaves, you could also eat some raw buds as they are packed with cannabinoids. There is no need to overdo it, one or two buds would do. The stems are not as edible as the rest of the plant, but they can be used for other health benefits. Like with any other vegetable, it is always good to eat it fresh. If possible, picking them just before you use it would be best. Be aware of pesticides.


Why is Eating Raw Cannabis Good for You?

If cannabis is considered to be a superfood, the effect that it has on your health is self-explanatory. A superfood is very good for health and can change medical conditions. Superfoods are filled with nutritional value and antioxidants. Cannabis leaves are packed with magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and fiber.

Cannabis leaves are also rich in polyphenols. This antioxidant is known for its effect on aging skin. All the healthy fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 are in the raw plant too. One thing the dry herb does not have is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has many benefits and the ability to rejuvenate the body at a cellular level. The structure of chlorophyll is similar to hemoglobin. This means it can prevent DNA damage and is an overall cleanser. It promotes healing and helps with iron absorption.


More reasons why it is helpful

Let´s look at the cannabinoid acids. All cannabis plants are filled with cannabinoids that make it so sought after for their benefits. These cannabinoids provide a multitude of benefits. When you consume fresh cannabis, you take these cannabinoids in their acid forms. Both CBD-A and THC-A are great antioxidants. In its raw form, these cannabinoids can also inhibit cancer. It is also excellent for pain relief and inflammation, to name a few.


High in Fiber. Like all green leafy vegetables, cannabis leaves are also high in fiber. The higher a food is in fiber, the better it is for your digestive system, mental health, and the immune system. For those with sensitive stomachs, raw cannabis could be a bit hard. A good idea is to balance it out with some healthy fats, like avocado. You could also mix it with blueberries, or apples, or any other thing you like.


Pain relief. Cannabinoids act like some of the over-counter medicines, like aspirin or ibuprofen. The difference is that it doesn´t have the side-effects as the chemical compounds in these medicines. Some people use raw cannabis to relief their arthritis or pain related to fibromyalgia. Research states that green juice is great for people with arthritis or any disease where there is a lot of pain involved.


Rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants. Leafy green vegetables are very rich in vitamin K and vitamin C apart from the calcium, folate, and iron it has. To top that off, cannabis also adds cannabinoids to the table. Both CBD and THC are considered to be antioxidants and fight against stress and cancer.


The Power of Terpenes. Terpenes are responsible for the smell of a plant. When you smoke weed, the health benefits of the terpenes are burnt off. When it is taken in raw form, terpenes provide sleep-inducing and anti-convulsing properties. It promotes a relaxing feel over your system.




If you want all the benefits that cannabis has to offer but you are not into the ¨high¨ it causes when it is heated up, adding raw cannabis to your diet is the answer. Even if you are into smoking weed, it is still a good idea to include raw cannabis in your daily food intake.

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