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You are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. This soul seeks to learn all it can while living this brief life. Here are the lessons your inner spirit is hoping you learn:


1. Show Compassion

Accepting people, without any judgment, is a gift you give to yourself and others. Having the ability to love and understand people just the way they are shows that you truly do respect them as individuals. Show compassion to those you see each day: share a simple smile and brighten someone’s day.

2. Be Inquisitive

Being inquisitive goes beyond simply asking questions, it encompasses a curiosity about the world you live in. People who are always curious, and asking questions, are often very happy and successful. Inquisitive people realize that there is much to learn about this vast planet, our oceans, and our sky. They continue through life learning through exploration.


3. Be Optimistic

Being optimistic does not mean smiling and laughing your way through life. However, an optimist enjoys seeing the positive side of life, not dwelling on the negative. Optimistic people are more resilient, and often have faster recovery times from illnesses due to their powerful positive thinking. Study after study has proven that optimism helps speed recovery time from some life-threatening illnesses and injuries. If optimism can help heal the body, imagine what it can do for the mind.


4. Be Mindful

Being mindful means staying in the present. This can be hard to do in our over-worked world. When the chaos of the outside world begins to intrude on what you are currently doing, it is often hard to stay in the moment. Take the time to show love and kindness to your fellow man; you will learn that this perspective is larger than yourself.


5. Show Confidence

Confidence is the ability to know who you are and where you are heading in this life. It is also the ability to understand the value to contribute to your community as you reach for these goals. Confidence is not arrogance: arrogance manifests from someone who has low self-esteem and has no idea of who they are, or where they are going. Confident people enjoy life because they are creating their own ideal situations in love, living space, and in interactions with people they see each day. Share your goals and your ideas with those who are mindful enough to listen. Be proud of what you are doing.


6. Love Life

Once you gain your new found confidence, you will find yourself totally enthused with life. Enthusiasm can be contagious, spread your happiness for life in both your personal and working lives. Life is much more enjoyable when you can talk to someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about their hobby, family, or job.

7. Find Your Purpose

We have all been told that every living being on this planet has a purpose. Being alive and engaging with other people may be all the purpose you need to live a happy life. When you do things with a purpose in mind, and you excel at doing them, you are living the truth of who you really are. This is just how humans are.


8. Create Your Own Energy

Trying to incorporate any of the suggestions above would be extremely hard to do if you do not have the energy to move forward. It takes a strong, healthy mind and body to harness the energy within. Take care of your body by eating right, and get enough sleep to help your body rejuvenate


9. Overcome Your Fears

Fear is nothing more than being afraid of the unknown. Humans everywhere experience fear. Fear is a necessary emotion as it gives us the “fight or flight” reflex we all need to survive. Fear itself is not the problem; the problem starts when you cannot let go of the fear and it becomes a part of your life. Living in the fear prevents you from moving forward and reaching your goals.


10. Harness Your Willpower

Strong willpower helps us to resist immediate temptations, and makes us happier people. Think of willpower as a muscle: muscles need to be used to get stronger, they grow weak when not used, and get injured when used to excess. To avoid overusing your willpower muscle, make changes in your life in small increments. You want enough change to move forward, but not too much that it overwhelms you and you give up.


11. Be Grateful

It is hard to feel grateful when life keeps throwing huge obstacles in your path. This is a normal human emotion. Conversely, being grateful for what you do have helps you stay focused and ready to face whatever else comes your way. Even in the darkest times of life, look for something positive that you can be grateful for. When you show gratitude it opens your mind and changes your perceptions of life. Expressing gratitude is the best part of being human.

Not everyone is familiar with the term, enrich your life, or they aren’t clear on what I mean when I suggest they enrich their lives.


First off consider this insight:

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.”

Oscar Wilde


I would love to see each and everyone one of you improve your life by enriching yourself. It is so easy for us to focus on the latest gadget, fancy car or decor for our house, but are we investing in ourselves?

I am not trying to say to never buy new things or to not enjoy what you have, just invest in yourself at least as much as you do items you possess (hopefully more).

Enrich your life by filling your mind, body and soul with experiences that teach and challenge you. What you find enriching will be different than the next person. We all may be enriched in different ways by the same experience as well. The important thing is making that investment of time, effort and money into you.




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