Responsible Adult Use (RAU)

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Using Cannabis as a Responsible Adult is one of the most difficult things to prove. It shouldn’t be, but it is. When your parents are judging you or when you get in trouble at work for using cannabis recreationally off site in your own leisure time, the non-user never thinks you are responsible. The non-users that I have met compare smoking cannabis to drinking alcohol. This last statement of mine hopefully gives you an idea about how uninformed most people are about Cannabis. Lets ascribe this to the old stigma, and not to intelligence or ignorance.

The fact is that you will not be tempted to smoke Cannabis if you don’t have a reason to want to try it. Whether you enjoy the effects because they make you feel less anxious, or because it makes you laugh and therefore turns you into a happier you, then whats the problem? Is this any different to a person that has non-psychoactive cannabis oil? No, the problem people have with you getting high is that they aren’t high and they don’t have the confidence to do what they want. They are not like you. You are a citizen with substance. One that stands up for what he/she believes in. I will argue that you can get significantly “more out of control” on pharmaceuticals or alcohol than you can ever be on Cannabis

I always love asking medical patients that pertinently say they DON’T want to get high; Why not? So do you want to continue feeling low? Do you have an issue with laughing? Do you have an issue with being happy? Okay…I struggle to find a good enough reason to justify this overwhelming feeling of depression, unhappiness, sadness and violence that seems to be the norm worldwide. The fact is that you are none of these things when you have enjoyed a spliff. In fact maybe we should have a forced fun hour worldwide. Everyone including the heads of state and especially all the other politicians, the police, the public, the bank manager, the headmaster, the fireman, the mine worker, the housewife, the father, the domestic, the lawyer and the doctor. We should just all have a joint at 4:20pm everyday. The world will not struggle with as much human trafficking, debilitating diseases, animal and child cruelty or even theft if it just decided to make Cannabis use a forced activity…lol…but on a serious note, the world could be at peace if everyone just decided to be a bit stronger and less worried about what the uneducated say.

We are tired of trying to explain a concept to a person that cannot comprehend it. If you do not have an educated opinion or at the very least an opinion formed by experience, then I am sorry, but I cannot take your opinion seriously.

Listen to your gut…It’s time to stand up for whats right.