“Healer, Heal thyself”

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“Healer, Heal thyself”


No one can heal you. Only you have that power and it is time for you to take that power back.

You were born with a doctor inside you, your immune system.

Unfortunately, everything we eat, our daily lifestyles and our stress levels cause our immune system to take a dip. All we need to do, is restore your system to its original power and trust me, your body (and mind) is the most powerful tools you have.


So let’s use them.


First thing we need to understand is that cannabis (or nothing for that matter) will NOT HEAL YOU, IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAL YOURSELF.

So; step 1: repeat after me:


“ I choose life. I choose my health above all else. I am taking my health into my own hands and I will use my mind, soul and heart to heal myself. I don’t suffer from a disease, I have a temporary Dis-ease and I am so powerful that I WILL conquer this and use my story to help others.”


“ I am Healed.”


Step 2: Repeat after me:


“ I understand how important the right food is in healing myself. I dedicate myself to my body and while healing myself, I will choose foods that will not only nourish me, but give my body the tools to help my heal. You are what you eat, and I am health.”


(Please have a look at our FOOD page.)


Step 3: Repeat after me:


“ I understand that my mind and soul also needs to be fed. I dedicate at least 30 min a day to enriching my soul. I understand how important my thoughts and vibration are and I will feed it with positive feelings and enriching education.”


(Please have a look at our SPIRIT GUIDE page for videos as soul food)


Step 4: Repeat after me:


“ I love myself. I forgive myself for the things I believe I did wrong. I will no longer let my feelings of guilt; hurt and anger rule my emotions any longer. I want to heal, and I UNDERSTAND THAT I can only do that when loving who I am.”


Remember that Healing is growth, love yourself for it.

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