5 Best and Strongest Marijuana Strains of 2020

Here at Abis we are blessed to receive all types of medicine. From Sun-grown flowers, to Indoor Operations. The Growers we partner with take exceptional pride in their work and are experienced in their chosen techniques. They grow only reputable, sought after, strains as we understand that this is the first and most important ingredient in making your own medicine.

We will always assist in putting you in contact with the right grower.

Smoking Cannabis flowers has been scrutinized heavily in the past. People say there’s no medical benefit to smoking the plant…. I say to them:

Please ask a Crohns disease patient, or a patient prone to anxiety, if they get medical benefit from smoking…? The answer will be an OVERWHELMING yes.

But we agree that consuming the oil (disease dependent) will give you a healthier fuller cannabinoid profile to ingest. 

This is why hemp protein is considered the best vegetable protein ...


The quality of flowers can be very opinion based. The flowers should also be graded by your dispensary. A good guide to use is the following grading system. New users and novice oil makers can use the grading system as a guide on the quality of medicine they wish to produce.

Due to the prohibition, most of the strains were bred specifically for high THC levels. This put a lot of medical users off from medicating with smoking. The new strains coming out of the US and Europe are high in CBD and some strains have higher CBD than THC. The regular smoker will ‘tut’ at this because in theory it doesn’t make you “High”.

How we have all been mislead. CBD is Cannabis’ best kept secret. Smoking CBD flowers is an exceptional feeling. You feel completely clear, focused and relaxed. You want to get things  done, even if you’re chilling while you’re doing it. A lot of users prefer this as a daytime smoke because you don’t feel ‘goofed’ and you can function optimally.

We have compiled the Abis grading system to ensure that the market is kept fair. Gone are the days where we can grade flowers by their method of growing. We have seen outdoor and Greenhouse flowers with a better terp and cannibinoid profile than indoor varieties. Outdoor flowers arent necessarily of poorer quality than indoor cultivated flowers. The grading system therefore protects not only the grower but also the client/patient. Herewith the Grading system: