Cannabis Culture in South Africa

Gerard Feixes (feixes) on Pinterest


Lets build some Culture!

Here is South Africa we have a very unique Cannabis Culture. It cannot be compared to that of the US and Canada because of the vast differences in population dynamics. The traditional use of Cannabis in Africa is still very much alive. The herb is used mainly as medicine in the traditional healing communities. Teas, poultices etc are the mainstay of the communities. True traditional use, which is a beautiful thing!

The Responsible adult use side is much smaller than in the States. The comparatively small amount of users do however follow the same culture as the Stoners do in America. Even though it sometimes feels like we are years and years behind on stoner culture, we have to remember that South Africa is the 3rd largest producer of cannabis in the world. Reprezenting!!!!

Here at Abis we feel that the difference between recreational and medical cannabis has been inflated for capitalistic and stigmatic reasons. I mean, how many cannabis smokers (that have been ridiculed by society for how many years), are NOT on sleeping pills or pain tablets, purely because they have been “self-medicating” with Cannabis? At the end of the day many people prefer to stay away from the doctor. Food for thought…


So check in here every now and again, and get on top of the High.