People We Like

Here at Abis Inc. we have fallen in love with the passion of some great humans and the way they do business. Our list of favorite humans will definitely grow as we search our country for talented and gifted souls.

Each one of these souls are not only working hard to change the industry as we know it; but are daily inspiring and enlightening humans where ever they go.

We salute you.



Spoonful Of Sugar


Spoonful Of Sugar is run by 2 very passionate humans who are going to change the way you look at Cannabis. They believe in a fair Grading System that supports our local growers and ensures that their followers receive the best bud for their Rand.

Spoonful Of Sugar Dispensary will be launching in March 2018 and will be a Hub for all in SA to find some awesome local smoking equipment, jewelry, Cannabis related accessories and clothing.

They do a lot of development for the market and believe in transparency, and that there is a massive advantage of Cannabis commodity traders like themselves to work together and support our people. If you are a broker, get into contact with them. We change together.



African Smoke Head Shop

African Smoke Head Shop offers a selection of quality smoking products to the discerning adult smoker. Stunning Top Quality products that would make you proud.


African Cannamed Co.

The African Cannamed Co, suppliers of premium quality full spectrum CBD oil products. We create health. Not patients.