Who Are These People


Abis Inc. is a provider of Information of  Cannabis.



We do not claim to know Anything about Cannabis; in fact, we know Nothing still. EVERY SINGLE DAY we are learning, growing, finding amazing new discoveries and people. She is a spirit that will change your life. You don’t need to use Cannabis to benefit from her.


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As this site grows our aim is to provide you with new information weekly which will not only be informative; but shareable and this is the important part. Cannabis has drawn you to our page and it is now your responsibility as a activist ( or activist in the making) to share This PLANT’S unbelievable value with the people you love and meet.

One of Our main purposes is Education; not only of the naysayers; but also the ones broken down by stigma. So many people are in misery or have lost their lives because of prohibition and the silly Stigma associated with a PLANT.




Which States Accept Out-Of-State Medical Marijuana Cards? - Wikileaf


As activist we know that there is still so much for us as Abis Inc. and South Africans to learn about Cannabis and we would like to make this site available to all activist with stories or anecdotal evidence you would like to share.  Your story can open someones eyes. Your story can change a life.

Our carefully selected network of growers and experts are humans who’s Love and dedication has earned their respect from this plant and it is evident in their work.

Our country is blessed with extremely skilled individuals not only in growing this plant, but making Life saving medicine. They are situated all over; there is probably one in your community and the ones who are real activist will help you learn and share their knowledge with you. Workshops are also a wonderful place for new information.

Abis inc. also offers oil makers the opportunity to have their products tested and supply their patients with the lab results. We believe in Regulation and the important role Genetics; solvents and pesticide plays in making good quality medicine.


Ohio names grower locations for medical marijuana program | fox8.com


So please, we would like you to help us inform people where you can!

So please; please share information with us that we can pass on and share with as many people who read.

We will always try help answer your questions, and if we don’t know, we will consult our network.


In the Age of Information; Ignorance is a Choice.

Stay Lifted