Medical Cannabis Dispensary

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Ever wondered what a real life medical cannabis dispensary looks like and how they are helping patients nation wide? Johann and Mirishin are a couple who have been distributing medical cannabis responsibly for the last three years. Step into their consultation room and see just how this herb may change South Africa’s medical scene.   […]

Real Drugs

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This video was made to try and ply open some of those closed minds we find in todays society. This video will also give you a handy view of some of the medical applications of cannabis and how it compares to “science-based” prescriptions. We need not accept harmful man-made drugs that are perceived as healthy […]

The Saionara

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This device is set to revolutionise the world of vaping and cannabis culture. It allows you to smoke raw extract cannabis oil, dab, shatter and wax. Please watch the video below to give you an idea of how this device works.   We are shipping the Saionara nation wide for the incredible price of only […]