This is the most cost effective cannabis oil option, and the most popularly used. We take the raw extract cannabis oil and infuse it with coconut oil to help the body better absorb the cannabinoids as well as to stabilise dosages.

The advantage of oral cannabis use is that the cannabinoids will stimulate your CB2 as well as CB1 receptors (a bit later). The oil will move through the stomach, liver, colon and will stimulate the receptors in the colon too.

As the cannabis is metabolised by the liver, the patient may feel a psycho-active (high) effect. This isn’t usually an unpleasant experience as the side-effects include, Euphoria, pain relief, drowsiness.

it is important to note that the specific cannabis oil used to make the infusion is very important. The decarboxilation process (activation) will also play a major role in the effects of infusions.  There are over 22000 registered strains internationally and not all of them can be used for all ailments. Sometimes we have to be specific in the strain selected for certain patients.