People We Like

Here at Abis INC. we have fallen in love with the passion of some great humans and the way they do business. Our list of favourite humans will definitely grow as we search our country for talented and gifted souls.

Each one of these souls are not only working hard to change the industry as we know it; but are daily inspiring and enlightening humans where ever they go.

We salute you.

Spoonful Of Sugar

Spoonful Of Sugar is run by 2 very passionate humans who are going to change the way you look at Cannabis. They believe in a fair Grading System that supports our local growers and ensures that their followers receive the best bud for their Rand.

Spoonful Of Sugar Dispensary will be launching in March 2018 and will be a Hub for all in SA to find some awesome local smoking equipment, jewellery, Cannabis related accessories and clothing.

They do a lot of development for the market and believe in transparency, and that there is a massive advantage of Cannabis commodity traders like themselves to work together and support our people. If you are a broker, get into contact with them. We change together.

Fields Of Green For All

Their Mission:

Through constructive discussion with interested individuals, parties and potential stakeholders in the South African Cannabis legalisation movement, they support litigation and are engaging with policy makers in order to construct South Africa’s Cannabis future in all of its varied facets. Since 2010, the call for the legalisation of Cannabis in South Africa has become increasing difficult to ignore.

It is no longer possible for individuals to take on this enormous task personally and that is why “Fields of Green for ALL” has been established. They look forward to working with ALL interested parties. They do not claim to have all the answers and it is not their intention to dictate the process. This organization is about inclusivity through constructive dialogue and input.



Mushigoat Seed Co.

Proprietors of the finest cannabis genetics in South Africa, sourced specifically for the South African market from seed distributors, breeders and seed banks from all over the world. Their focus is on the first time growers, the curious and the sick! There is a massive divide between education and availability of good genetics. They Hope to bridge this gap to empower the South African public with the information and expertise available to them.


Bongalong™  is the brand for legalisation.

Bongalong™ produces authentic, local, handmade designer Smokin’ vases, quality smoking accessories and apparel for connoisseurs and truth seekers.

Their Vases are not only Locally Made, but a real art piece AND you can even design your own! This is not your standard glass Vase from the local Tobacco Shop; This my friends, is artful smoking.

The owner and founder Jo not only fights for legalisation; but him and his team represent wherever they go.

We are proud of you guys. Thank you

African Smoke Head Shop

African Smoke Head Shop offers a selection of quality smoking products to the discerning adult smoker. Stunning Top Quality products that would make you proud.


African Cannamed Co.

The African Cannamed Co, suppliers of premium quality full spectrum CBD oil products. We create health. Not patients.



We are patients too… We started growing our own cannabis plants in order to find the right strain for our personal treatment. Growing became a passion and joy which led to us wanting to help everyone to find their perfect fit and the help they deserve!